Sunand Prasad will be taking part in Home and Away, a round table debate that discusses the international opportunities and challenges of working abroad for British architects.

The event takes place on September 30th and is part of Facing the Future, a four-part series organised by the RIBA Journal that aims to reappraise the status and health of the profession and ultimately to establish whether the RIBA, the architectural profession and its associated media and educational establishments are providing architects with the skills, support and representation they need to survive and flourish in a fast-changing world. The conclusions will be written up in the RIBA Journal and where appropriate,  into proposals.

Sunand will give a five minute introductory talk, personally responding to:

‘Economic recession, advances in technology and communications, cut-price flights and an increasing awareness of global opportunities and markets mean that more and more British architects are pursuing work abroad. What are the challenges, benefits and pitfalls of working in an unfamiliar culture and environment? Can more be done to promote and support those in search of international works’

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