Anna-Lisa Pollock has become an RIBA Student Mentor at Westminster University and  gave a short talk last night at the initial RIBA Student Mentoring event.

The student mentoring scheme is facilitated through RIBA regional offices to Part 1 undergraduates at Schools of Architecture, and offers practical preparation and help for their forthcoming year out. It aims to give students an insight into practice and to enhance their learning experience. Activities vary according to the needs of the mentee and the opportunities available through the mentor’s practice, for example, experience may be gained of a site visit, meetings with clients, contractors or other specialists; liaison with local authorities; or business activities of the practice.

Anna-Lisa will be partnering with Westminster University for one year; the role involves three 1/2 day sessions with 3rd year students, with an emphasis on in-practice experience. The first in-practice mentoring session will take place at the end of October 2016.