The Bradbury Centre

The Bradbury Centre

This facility brings a range of health, social and community services into one building and plays a significant role in the regeneration of South Belfast.

Martin Donlin’s Healing Window 2 sits above the main entrance. Referencing historic medicinal plants, it uses simple leaf and flower forms which flow across glazed panels to provide visual contrast to the geometry of the surrounding architecture.

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Gary Drostle’s Body and Spirit has been placed within the atrium and reflects on the relationship between our spiritual and physical selves. It straddles two spaces, the waiting area and the children’s play area. The piece is circular, with two distinct halves where intricate patterns have been arranged around a central celestial element.


  • Health Estates, ‘Recognising Design Merit’ - The Arches Centre: Winner
  • Building Better Healthcare Award, ‘Best Primary or Community Care Design Award’ - The Bradbury Centre: Commendation
  • Building Better Healthcare Awards, ‘Best Use of Art in Hospitals’ - The Arches Centre & The Bradbury Centre: Winner
  • South and East Belfast Trust