Guy’s Tower

Guy’s Tower

Our work at one of the tallest hospitals in the world provided a reconsidered and refreshed identity together with significantly enhanced environmental performance. We wanted a highly-visible piece of artwork at the very top of the building to further improve its position on the London skyline.

  • Guy’s Tower 1
  • Guy’s Tower 2
  • Guy’s Tower 3

Carsten Nicolai won a limited design competition and has installed ‘aeolux’, a sculptural crown that captures, reflects and amplifies light. Composed of a single rectangular plane elevated on delicate metal supports, its appearance changes constantly throughout the day.

Night-time illumination provides a further dimension to the work and ensures it remains visible at all times.

The mirror plane at the top captures, reflects and amplifies the light, increasing the effect of the light and shadow play of the whole structure. As a result a unique space of light unfolds at the top of the building. The installation is highly visible from street level, benefiting the many thousands of people that visit the building as patients or workers, or live or work nearby. Carsten Nicolai, Artist
Master Project
Guy’s Tower External Retrofit
  • Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust