Penoyre & Prasad won planning consent for a bold and dynamic new 1,850m2 Teaching & Learning Centre on Euston Road for Birkbeck, University of London on Thursday 19th April 2018. Sited within a sensitive heritage context, the extension and refurbishment of 1920s Cambridge House will showcase Birkbeck to a wider audience and establish the new Teaching and Learning Centre as a vibrant campus destination for students and staff.

The approved design will create a striking landmark for the University, taking full advantage of its prominent corner location to provide Birkbeck with a keynote building. Clad in copper standing seam, the new massing of the extension is a sculpted geometric design that refreshes and reinvigorates the existing building below and alludes to its 21st century environment within.

Mark Rowe, Partner of Penoyre & Prasad, said: ‘Penoyre & Prasad’s design for Cambridge House will provide much needed teaching space to support Birkbeck with its educational aims and reflect the position of Birkbeck as a world-class educational institution.’