Penoyre & Prasad is delighted, as the Lead Architect, to be part of AECOM’s winning team for the competition to create a new home in St Pancras for Moorfields Eye Hospital and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology.

Project Oriel, which has Moorfields Eye Charity as the third partner, takes a radical approach to the integration of sight related care, research and education. The project’s aims include driving innovation and speeding up the translation of research findings into treatment.

Together with AECOM as lead designer with its advanced engineering, sustainability, planning and delivery expertise, and White Arkitekter with its sublime Scandinavian approach to interiors and landscape, Penoyre & Prasad has crafted a design that combines three principal spatial aims united by a focus on people’s experience. The design will enable a seamless collaboration between clinicians, patients and researchers; provide a flexible and adaptable armature to facilitate future evolution in clinical, research and education practices; and make a beautiful centrepiece for a new neighbourhood – a renewed St Pancras as part of an evolving Knowledge Quarter.

The jury report said that the AECOM-led design team “stood out in their highly developed awareness of the importance of the evolving nature of medical science and technology, how this might inform the form and function of the new building and how this might affect the people who will use it.”

The building will occupy part of the old St Pancras Hospital site. It is ranged on two wings of eight and six stories stepping from the dense urban grain to the north of the site down to the retained Victorian buildings and the magnificent trees of St Pancras Churchyard to the south. At its heart will be a mini tower dubbed ‘the Oriel’ comprising a stack of waiting, meeting and study spaces together with main lifts and stairs to all floors. The landscape and interior design, inspired by light, simplicity and transparency, will stimulate the senses, promote wellbeing and help way-finding. The environmental strategy anticipates a renewable energy future and incorporation of circular economy principles.