The New QEII Hospital in Welwyn Garden City is now fully operational and is providing a range of clinical services, including a 24/7 Urgent Care Centre, for the Welwyn and Hatfield area.

Over several weeks, Clinicians, nurses and staff have transferred from the old hospital and are now treating their patients in bright, modern facilities – designed for patient-focused care.

Arranged around a landscaped courtyard, the building has a great sense of openness and daylight, with integrated artworks by David Tremlett and Charlotte Mann adding to the high quality of the public spaces.

Tracy Byrne, one of the nurse practitioners who works in the Urgent Care Centre said: “It’s an exciting start for the New QEII. The building has a great open feeling with natural light, which is fantastic and will really help patient care.”

Dr Asha Herbert on her first shift at the hospital said: “It’s a lovely open, airy, fresh department which I’m sure staff and patients will benefit from.”