Sunand Prasad will join the NLA Think Tank ‘Net Zero’ roundtable discussion on Tuesday 3rd December, part of the Net Zero Programme.

The aim of the roundtable is to discuss how the built environment industry is responding to the net-zero carbon challenge to drastically cut carbon emissions. By 2030 all new buildings will need to meet zero-carbon standards, and by 2050 this should apply to all existing buildings. To achieve that, it is crucial to understand the current barriers that the industry is facing in order to make sustainable design and construction the norm, while sharing best practice and lessons learned for practical approaches. Do we have the right skills and knowledge? Is cost still a barrier? How do we get the built environment industry Net-Zero ready? 

This roundtable brings together built environment professionals to discuss the key agenda to meet the cut in carbon emissions for a carbon-neutral London. The outcome of the discussion will inform a new piece of research that NLA is developing on Net Zero, which will be published in Summer 2020.