Penoyre & Prasad has been chosen by NHS East and North Hertfordshire to work on the development of a new local general hospital on the QEII Hospital site in Welwyn Garden City. The new local general hospital will provide a large proportion of the services that are currently on the QEII site, plus a number of additional services including an urgent care centre, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, outpatient services, ante/post natal care and diagnostic facilities.

Sunand Prasad said ‘We have designed a variety of healthcare environments for a rapidly changing health service. The excellent ambitions behind the Welwyn Garden City project makes us look forward to working with its clients and stakeholders to continue that exploration of ideas and solutions. This is going to be an exciting new primary care led hospital which will resonate in the context of Welwyn Garden City, itself conceived as a new kind of town’.

The project to create the new hospital is being led by Assemble Community Partnership – a joint venture between private sector partner Guildhouse UK Ltd, NHS East and North Hertfordshire (the PCT) and the Department of Health.