The Holy Cross School was officially opened on 21 November by the Auxilliary Bishop of Westminster, following a two year period of phased demolitions, refurbishment, remodelling and new construction works.

The operation and appearance of this existing school have now been completely transformed, while the school remained in occupation throughout. A new hall has been built right in the heart of the existing school, to give improved ventilation, daylighting, acoustics and performance facilities, with underfloor heating, and is served by a new kitchen. New classrooms have been added, with a new reception and office area at the main entrance, while the school has also been remodelled in key areas to provide extra useable space while improving the circulation. Removing most of the existing car parking and various small outbuildings, and rationalising the site area has maintained the playground area per child, despite the expansion of facilities and increase in pupil numbers.

Together with a new sequence of varied outdoor play spaces, these adaptations provide for greater flexibility and more types of activities, use all areas of the existing building more efficiently, and allow for the expansion from 1 form to 2 form entry school on a small and very restricted urban site.