The HEDQF and RIBA Publishing are launching ‘Future Campus’ on Tuesday 12th July at the University of the Arts London.

‘Future Campus’ aims to help architects, design teams and University clients in their pursuit of practical and innovative solutions for the creation of effective and enjoyable higher education learning environments and includes abundant examples of solutions to design problems and advice on best practice.

Penoyre & Prasad Partner Ian Goodfellow is a Member of and a joint convenor of the HEDQF and contributed to the ‘Changing Spaces’ chapter of the book.

The book launch follows the annual HEDQF Conference which will examine how universities and designers are responding to the challenges faced in designing the universities of the future.

‘Future Campus’ can be purchased via RIBA Bookshops.

The HEDQF is a registered charity that exists to promote high-quality design in university campuses, buildings and facilities, in the knowledge that the quality of the estate enhances the student experience of teaching and learning, the effective pursuit of research and the process of public engagement.