The great detail is a holy grail of modern architects: the effective, beautiful and clever juxtaposition of materials that says more than ornament ever can.

Sunand Prasad will give a talk at The Institute of Structural Engineers on Thursday 15th June.

‘God is in the detail’ as Mies van der Rohe famously said (or re-said). But where we once artfully crafted the interface between materials, we now spend much more time managing the interface between construction packages. Much of what was once detailed is now supplied by manufacturers. Does that mean God has left the detail, if not the building?

With reference to how architects are creating the meaning once invested at the scale of the detail, Sunand will present recent architecture by Penoyre & Prasad.

The event is hosted by VMZinc and chaired by Paul Finch.

RSVP by 1st June to:

Institute of Structural Engineers: 47-58 Bastwick Street, EC1V 3PS. 18:30-21:00.