Penoyre & Prasad took part in the MoA’s winter fundraiser event – Gingerbread City – an unconventional way for the public to better engage with architecture.

Companies are invited to buy one or more plots and to follow strict planning guidelines provided in their ‘plot passports’ to design their buildings and bring the imaginary Gingerbread City to life.

Each build is judged against the following criteria: design quality, looking tasty, built to last, uniqueness and modern methods of construction.

Penoyre & Prasad masterminded a pair of suburban residential terraces of the future as part of the Sugar Hill residential area that sits beside the river and connects the city to the countryside neighbourhood.

The free entry exhibition is open to the public from 7th – 22nd December and visitors can vote for their favourite buildings with donations. Prizes are also given to projects deem interesting in terms of design innovation. Funds raised will go towards MoA’s programming and exhibitions for the coming year, that benefit both architects and the public alike.