Anna-Lisa Pollock will chair the CPD accredited ‘Urban Infrastructure’ seminar at Futurebuild, ExCeL, London on 6th March 2019.

All citizens should have the opportunity to play a significant part in the plans for their neighbourhood, at a local or city level. Although there is growing support for the principle of citizens co-creating places together with local authorities and the private sector, there still seems to be a disconnect between the desire to engage the public, and the reality of the standard consultation procedures followed. This session will present innovative methods of co-creation, and look at how they can be applied at a city scale. How can emerging technology be applied to galvanise a community? How is the community defined, particularly with more transient city populations, such as the Airbnb generation? How can we involve people who might only be thinking in terms of the next 1-2 weeks, rather than 5-10 years or more? What new possibilities could be opened up by true co-creation in placemaking as opposed to consultation, which is often only a step away from tokenism? Can co-creation encourage implementation and delivery?


Shaping better places together: Husam AlWaer, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Urban Design, School of Social Sciences (Architecture + Urban Planning), University of Dundee

Community planning and placemaking in practice: Charles Campion RIBA AoU, Partner-in-Charge of participatory planning processes, JTP

How can co-creation lead to implementation and/or better outcomes? Liz Kessler, Urban Design Consultant and Local Councillor

Wild Streets – An AR tool for participatory urban greening: Ascha Lychett Pedersen, macroeconomist, UN Sustainability specialist and Founder and CEO of Wild Streets

This session was developed with Penoyre & Prasad.

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