Past events

LFA 2017 events at Rich Mix – 17th & 18th June

Penoyre & Prasad have joined forces with engineers Price & Myers and Max Fordham to build ‘At Present’ - an experiential installation triggered by people’s stories of such moments, and ‘Grandma’s House’ - a family drawing and model making workshop arising from the London Festival of Architecture’s theme of ‘memory’. More

Green Sky Thinking: Retrofit for Breakfast

28-42 Banner Street, London, United Kingdom,

Two years ago Penoyre & Prasad held a Green Sky Thinking event called 'Retrofit for Purpose' to explore the topic of low energy retrofitting as a significant element in meeting UK carbon budgets. Out of that event has now come a book of the same name. More

Penoyre & Prasad: Unleashing London

28-42 Banner Street, London, United Kingdom,

London has been one of the greatest cities in the world for almost half a millennium, with a talented, diverse and energetic population. More

Penoyre & Prasad: The Value Proposition

28-42 Banner Street, London, United Kingdom,

We can all conceptualise long term value, but within our budget conscious and short-termist culture, it remains difficult to turn a long term view into practical and implementable steps that will return that value. More

Penoyre & Prasad: Co-Creation

28-42 Banner Street, London, United Kingdom,

What is Co-Creation and how will it enable us to rise to the challenges of the rapidly changing context for making and maintaining the built environment? More