On Wednesday 27th April we are hosting an event as part of Open City’s Green Sky Thinking week, under the theme of Urban Resilience.

We invite you to join us for breakfast, where we will explore the complexities of density. Density is one of the most powerful measures influencing built form both through policy and practice. But it has the precision and sensitivity of a jackhammer. The result that today we build to too low and too high a density side by side.

We will be joined by architects, planners & social scientists to discuss questions such as:

  • Can we refine and enlarge the toolkit that helps decide how much we should build where?
  • What is the relationship between density, well-being and sustainability?
  • What do we have to learn to deal with local densities in London that now rival Hong Kong?

The event will be chaired by Sunand Prasad. Presenters and panellists will be announced shortly.

08:15 – 10:00 at Penoyre & Prasad’s offices: 28-42 Banner Street, EC1Y 8QE

To book your place, please email Emma Hough. Your email must contain your name, position, organisation, sector and contact details.