Penoyre & Prasad hosted their sixth Green Sky Thinking breakfast event on 17th May 2017, titled ’Designing for a Circular Economy’.

In Nature there is no waste. What changes in design practice would help create a similarly regenerative economy? Our guest speakers presented stimulating and practical ideas that show the way and respond to searching questions and a gripping discussion about the inspiring ideal of the Circular Economy.

Michael Pawlyn of Exploration discussed ‘Learning from natural systems’; Professor Rob Holdway of Giraffe Innovation asked ‘What is the circular economy and does it matter?’; Gillian Hobbs of BRE talked about ‘Resource optimisation’; David Cheshire of Aecom questioned whether Circular Economy Buildings were ‘Evolution or revolution’ and Richard Boyd of Arup asked ‘How long will your building last, where will your materials come from, and who will own your materials’. The panel then took questions from the audience.

Open City’s Green Sky Thinking event is the leading platform in London for practical learning and knowledge sharing. The programme gathers together over 2,000 built environment and property professionals and aims to explore sustainable solutions through informative talks and by visiting built examples.