Join our breakfast event, Designing for a Circular Economy on Wednesday 17th May, as part of Open City’s Green Sky Thinking Week.

The idea of ‘zero waste’ is a natural progression from sustainability and zero carbon. Just as there is no waste in nature with all ‘waste products’ getting re-used in a virtually endless cycle, we can imagine an economy that is similarly cyclical. Effective, credible and practical design responses that really do justice to the principles of the regenerative cycle comparable to that in nature remain elusive.

Our guest speakers will present stimulating discussions that both try and show the way to put into practice, and also pose questions about, the philosophy, that should lead to a gripping discussion about the inspiring ideal of the Circular Economy.

The event will be chaired by Sunand Prasad. Presenters and panellists will be announced shortly.

08:00 – 10:00 at Penoyre & Prasad’s offices: 28-42 Banner Street, EC1Y 8QE

To book your place, please email Emma Hough. Your email must contain your name, position, organisation, sector and contact details.