New London Architecture’s research project ‘Factory Made Housing: a solution for London?’ explores new and innovative examples of modular design and construction for housing in the capital. This research is supported by project showcases that illustrate examples of factory-made homes in London, the UK and internationally.

Penoyre & Prasad’s Burnholme Care Home has been included in the supporting book and public exhibition, launched on 9th October 2018. The project has been designed to enable modular construction to provide a cost efficient and faster build option for the client, in line with the urgent need for more care homes to house our growing elderly population. It is one of Elderly Living schemes being developed by Penoyre & Prasad that explore better ways for the frail elderly, including those living with dementia, to live safely and enjoyably into old age.

The exhibition and a series of related events will run until January 2019. Full details here.