On the evening of December 1st, Article 25’s ’10×10 – Drawing the City’ event raised over £82,000 by auctioning the works of 100 prominent architects, artists and designers.

Sunand Prasad, a Trustee of Article 25 sketched 4 views titled “The Sky from Finsbury Circus” and said:

“If the streets and squares of the city are outdoor rooms the sky is the ceiling we rarely notice. These drawings show the shape and edge of the sky as seen past the tops of the buildings looking North, South, East and West. You can read the architecture of the buildings in these lines – the tame Po-Mo of 60 London Wall, the extravagant crenalations of Salisbury House and the classicism of London Wall buildings opposite, both turn of the century.”

Greg Penoyre also took part in the event, producing two pieces titled “Austin Friars” & “Austin Friars Reflected” and commented:

“On first looking at my square I was puzzled as to what to draw, a quiet back street behind London Wall. Interestingly Austin Friars was home to Thomas Cromwell, a priory that was ‘sprung’ from the Church. Part of this is now the Drapers Hall with a tiny garden in an otherwise hard surfaced place. I drew here until the street cleaners moved me on and turning, drew the view reflected in the glass office block on Throgmorton Avenue. In reflection the view is more sinister – darker and distorted”

The funds raised will provide essential support for post-disaster reconstruction work around the world including water and sanitation improvements in Haiti, schools in Burkina Faso, and a vocational training centre for former child soldiers in Uganda. The auction was a great success and is already being planned for next year and a gallery of artworks is available to view online at www.10x10london.com/galleryofartworks.