Ian Goodfellow has been invited participate in ‘Andiamo! Forty Years of the RSA John Kinross Scholarships to Florence‘ at the Royal Scottish Academy.

The RSA John Kinross Scholarships are for final year and postgraduate artists and architects to spend a period of 6 to 12 weeks in Florence to research and develop their practice. Florence has been an inspiration to generations of artists and architects and this opportunity allows successful applicants to experience its magnificent history, study its art and architecture, learn the language and create a visual record of their experience.

Ian said “After the pressures of architecture school, the Scholarship gave me free mental space to reflect, re-set personal narratives and explore new horizons before stepping into the professional life of an architect… Looking back, I can see that the arc of my journey, from the time of the Scholarship to now, has been framed by this enquiry – which, over time, has crystallised into defining the rapport between built form and nature, and how to truly align with the natural spirit of a place – what the philosopher Norberg-Schulz describes as its ‘Genius Loci’.

After a period working in the north of Scotland, I followed this thread working with the Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, renowned for his devotion to composing his architecture in intimate relation with nature. From here, it was a natural step to be at the heart of early explorations into sustainable design – which in turn led to a Churchill Fellowship into new environmental building technologies and other initiatives.

Now I can clearly see that the drive and meaning underpinning my world view and consistent practice enquiry into zero carbon and truly regenerative design were sparked in the presence of the magnificent, yet fully humancentric Renaissance view. The imperative to pivot from this to a more balanced approach in our relationship with our planet, for me, started then.”

The John Kinross Memorial Fund was established in 1981 by Mr J.B Kinross CBE, HRSA, in memory of his father, Mr John Kinross, RSA, architect (1855-1931) to assist young artists and architects from the established centres in Scotland, within the departments of Architecture and Fine Art, to spend three months in Florence.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday 11 September – Sunday 17 October.