Penoyre & Prasad won the Graphisoft UK ‘Public Sector of the Year’ award for the second year running at the awards event on 8th May 2018.

BIM was extensively used throughout the life of the project – the site was reviewed and tested through 3D modelling; enabling adjustments to be made to the building’s form and position, to allow retention of the greatest proportion of trees and woodland areas, and to negotiate the site’s steep topography.

Our architectural BIM model was used to produce axonometric 3D floorplates to illustrate different departments, which became an essential tool to assure the two University Schools that the merging of the departments was not just possible, but beneficial for their future working. We created BIMx outputs and fly-through movies to enable the university to reach important decisions and facilitate the planning application process. The client regularly used the BIMx model on their own to discuss and sign off design decisions and were delighted with the ‘user-friendly’, interactive interface.

The BIM model was even used to 3D print Sibson shaped cookie cutters for biscuits baked at the recent AUDE conference!