Woodside Inclusive Learning Campus

The new Woodside Inclusive Learning Campus realises the schools’ and borough’s vision for inclusive, adaptable and vibrant 21st century learning environments. In addition the new accessible landscape provide benefits for both school and community.

The campus accommodates 1,080 mainstream pupils in Woodside High School, and 120 pupils in Riverside secondary special school from Moselle and William C Harvey Schools.

A pragmatic and budget-conscious design strategy skillfully integrates new and refurbished buildings to create substantially enhanced and better equipped teaching spaces, which are comfortable and energy efficient. The new buildings are designed to be highly adaptable to accommodate future changes in curriculum and teaching methods.

A phased masterplan was developed to minimise disruption by minimising the need for decanting and temporary accommodation.

A simple, cost effective, environmental approach includes natural ventilation with exposed thermal mass, maximised daylight, rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing and a biomass boiler for on-site generation of low carbon energy.



£22 m