Heart of Hounslow Polyclinic

Heart of Hounslow Polyclinic is one of the largest health centres in the UK and set a new standard in the restructuring of primary care. As well as GP services, outpatient facilities and social care outreach resources, it offers new and improved services for children, adolescents and people with learning difficulties.

The accommodation is arranged around a central atrium and circulation space, which includes the main reception, cafe and health information centre. Brilliantly-hued glazing fills this space with colour and light. The plan of the building is flexed along its length, providing a variety of enclosed and shared spaces.

Children’s and family services are easily accessible at ground floor level, with GPs located on the floor above. To aid wayfinding, each department has its own theme colour.

The building’s distinctive cladding of grey terracotta and brightly coloured aluminium makes it a local landmark, enhancing the profile of primary healthcare in Hounslow.

“I’ve seen a lot of LIFT projects, but this is a different quality altogether – this is as good as it gets”. Andy Burnham, then Minister for Delivery and Reform at the Department of Health.



£15 m