Swiss Cottage Specialist SEN School

Swiss Cottage Special School, a large special needs facility for children with a variety of abilities, provides an intimate, non-institutional environment with good access to combined learning and resource areas. Roof terraces are provided wherever possible, along with a floor of high quality research and admin accommodation for staff.

The building is designed using high quality pre-cast concrete and timber, giving a distinctive urban gravitas not often achieved within school budgets. Our design makes best use of landscape assets and the fine existing trees both on and around the site.

The school has achieved a BREEAM rating of Excellent.

Swiss Cottage Specialist SEN school shares the site with the UCL Academy, each benefitting from a number of creative overlaps and shared facilities.

“The two years spent working closely with the Penoyre & Prasad team was stimulating and enjoyable.  All suggestions and ideas were given due consideration and the final outcome is a wonderful building from both an aesthetic point of view and as a practical working school building.”

Peter Sprinz, Chair of Governors, Swiss Cottage School



£19 m