St George’s University of London – Jenner Building Renovation

The project encompassed the refurbishment of 3,300m² of category 2 research and teaching laboratories and workspace in the Jenner Building at St George’s University.

Medical research and teaching requires highly controlled environmental conditions but also feeds on ideas generated by conversation across different disciplines and research areas. It is this interaction between individuals that we sought to energise by radically transforming the pattern of occupation from individual offices, long corridors and visually enclosed labs to open-plan shared spaces with a strong visual connection to specialist, upgraded labs for the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.

The regular rhythm of workspace alternates with free-standing pod rooms for use as individual office, team base or meeting room, giving the Faculty maximum flexibility.

Organisational change in work patterns from a cellular to open plan environment and the requirement to cause as minimal disruption as possible were key challenges for the project, requiring extensive consultation with end users.

The environmental strategy at St George’s balances the needs of the individual with demanding environmental control criteria and the lowest carbon use for the budget.



£6 m