Space for Personalised Learning (S4PL) was a two year, government funded research project set up to test and promote new approaches to the creation of school learning environments.

Penoyre & Prasad formed part of a project consortium of education specialists including DEGW, Futurelab and Edison Schools, to work closely with ten carefully selected pilot schools. The core objective was to identify the spatial implications for designs that supported personalised learning and to make widely available detailed information on how the design interventions – and the methods of arriving at them – had achieved the desired changes.

Penoyre & Prasad led the projects for the Mark Rutherford, Kingsley and Wychall pilot schools, and also contributed as architects for the Phoenix and Freeborough schools, and the Learning Cube in Corby. Feedback and research findings from the pilot projects in use have provided a substantial catalogue of tools, case studies, methodologies and advice; a rich resource for school educationalists, designers and policy makers dealing with the shifts in educational values and practices. These findings are available from the project website.

The various new spaces and learning settings in use are supporting both academic and applied knowledge learning styles. The final project report is now providing an invaluable tool for those, including parents, embarking on new school projects.



£120,000k to approx £24m