Rushton Medical Centre

One of our earlier primary healthcare projects, Rushton Medical Centre was designed to house four different GP practices with the ability to adapt to accommodate future changes in primary care provision. It has the potential to provide a major procedures / diagnostic suite, group activity spaces, ancillary and complementary services and even GP-managed beds.

A central top-lit waiting and circulation space runs the length of the building at ground floor level. Consulting and treatment rooms open off one side, and administrative and service spaces off the other.

This arrangement, combined with four separate street entrances, allows the building to be configured as individual practices of varying sizes or as one large health centre. Since opening, it has proved to fit its flexible brief and has twice been adapted as the original separate practices have consolidated.

The building is designed to be energy efficient, with good natural lighting, high standards of insulation and a heat recovery system.



£1.3 m