Retrofit for Living

Retrofit for Living is one of 87 demonstrator projects in the Retrofit for the Future programme, sponsored by the government’s Technology Strategy Board. The programme was targeted at low-rise houses drawn from the UK’s social housing stock and designed to seek innovative whole-house solutions to achieve an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions, compared with 1990 emissions.

Warwall Road is a mid-terrace, two-storey, three-bedroom house on the Windsor Park estate in London Docklands. It was built in 1992, with masonry cavity walls, double-glazing and pitched roofs with a small amount of loft insulation. A key challenge for successful delivery of the project has been the continued occupancy of the residents throughout, which has required careful programming of the works and provision for decant and storage.

Transformational changes have been made to the house to not only bring about highly efficient energy use, but also an improved quality of living for residents. These qualitative improvements are rooted in an understanding of the real concerns, habits and aspirations for tenants in social housing, elicited from a survey and evaluation of occupancy prior to design.

Code for Sustainable Homes level 6.