Projects Residential The Peel Project aerial view Penoyre and Prasad
Projects Residential The Peel Project Granville Road Penoyre and Prasad
Projects Residential The Peel Project Kilburn Park crossing Penoyre and Prasad

The Peel Project Mixed Use Development & Masterplan

The Peel Project site has been a focal point and a place for people to gather throughout its history and our scheme will create an inviting, active and safe place that not only attracts people to the site but also encourages people to spend time there.

The development consists of a new health centre, pharmacy, cafe and retail space, and over 200 new homes. It will also deliver a public realm space, with focus on healthy living and play.

The design is characterised by two building types; the new Health Centre building, with a civic feel, and the residential terrace-like buildings that stitch the development into the existing context, restoring the historic street pattern. This language allows a sense of the existing roads being stitched into the Peel development, mediating with the larger residential components of the scheme and forming a focal point at the new public space and Health Centre.

The terrace buildings are proposed with simple building lines, repeating bays, front doors and front and back gardens – a well tried, loved and recognisable street frontage and typology.

The site sits at the heart of the South Kilburn regeneration area and is part of Brent Council’s wider 15-year regeneration programme.



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