Newhaven Downs

Set on a beautiful hillside site overlooking Newhaven and the South Downs, this 50 bed nursing home provides care for frail and mentally infirm elderly people. The home is situated on the upper edge of the site, creating a generous area of open green space beyond the access road.

Arranged as a series of domestically-scaled suites, the home is designed to allow residents with dementia to wander safely both indoors and out. The plan takes advantage of the fall in the site to provide level access to gardens and landscaped spaces from both the ground and the first floor.

Abundant natural light and multi-sensory detailing are key elements of the interior design, creating a sense of well being and providing wayfinding assistance for residents with sensory impairment.

The building is constructed of load bearing masonry, externally insulated and rendered to provide an energy efficient envelope with a high thermal mass. The roofs are formed of interlocking concrete tiles on trussed rafters.



£3 m