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Middle Row Mixed-Use Development

This mixed-use development consists of 42 private rental residential and two commercial units on three sites, and is part of a wider masterplan by Penoyre & Prasad that includes the redevelopment of an existing school – Ark Brunel Primary Academy – in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

The three separate sites are positioned around the perimeter of the redeveloped school to repair and reinstate the urban fabric, and provide a buffer to the school and its play spaces from the surrounding environment. Each building responds to its individual context through both scale and massing, resulting in three, five and six storey elements that consider public amenities such as daylighting through castellated and setback upper floors.

As the buildings provide an outer edge to the school on three sides, maintaining a sensitive relationship between the two was key to achieving a successful scheme. As a result, overlooking has been mitigated through the use of bespoke windows and making the majority of units face the street; looking out, rather than looking in.

Care has been taken to ensure a clear visual connection on each separate block through the architectural character developed in the choice of materials and the detailing of key elements. This includes generous windows, rhythmic inset balconies and the choice of brickwork and zinc cladding as a primary palette of materials to create a high quality development. Internally, as part of the move towards the private rental market, a distinctive internal strategy was developed using limed oak flooring and bespoke metal work to create a strong and contemporary feel.

The scheme is scheduled to start on site in late 2016 with Penoyre & Prasad retained as Client Advisor.



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