Projects Elderly Care Leicester Extra Care Tilling Road Penoyre Prasad
Projects Elderly Care Leicester Extra Care Queens Mead Penoyre Prasad
Leicester Extra Care - Queensmead

Leicester Extra Care

These innovative Extra Care schemes provide a total of 157 one and two bed apartments split over two separates sites in Leicester.

Each scheme is designed around a series of landscaped spaces and will provide for residents with various levels of independence and need across a broad age range. The Central Hub space will serve both residents and visitors and is an active ‘heart’ at the centre of the scheme, prominently placed directly opposite each site entrance.

The scale of the proposed developments has been designed in response to the specific site context; the constraints presented by the individual sites, respecting the amenity of neighbouring properties and maximising the opportunities for residents to enjoy open spaces around the building. To achieve this, where the building is in closer proximity to neighbouring properties, the building has been set back to two storeys, whilst towards the centre of the site at the main entrance, the building rises to three storeys.

Each apartment is provided with a balcony which includes brie-soleils and privacy louvered panels that provide a dynamic rhythm to the façades whilst allowing for sunlight to penetrate into the heart of the individual apartments.

Both schemes achieved planning in late 2015.



£18 m