Projects Residential Hammond House external view Penoyre and Prasad
Projects Residential Hammond House view from park Penoyre and Prasad
Projects Residential Hammond House balcony detail Penoyre and Prasad
Projects Residential Hammond House front facade Penoyre and Prasad
Projects Residential Hammond House street view Penoyre and Prasad

Hammond House

The redevelopment of Hammond House was an opportunity to design exemplary affordable housing. Our scheme provides 56 light, modern, well-planned flats all with their own external terrace or balcony, as well as generous communal gardens.

Our proposals allowed for a variety of flat sizes and types, privately owned and rented accommodation. A high proportion of the flats are for families, who are experiencing a chronic housing shortage in this area with four and five bedroom maisonettes accessed via their own front doors at street level. Above these are three bedroom flats with terraces and roof gardens. There is also a 10-storey tower of one and two bedroom flats.

Access and security are prime concerns for residents so corridors and decks are abolished and access to upper units is via individual cores with secure entry at street level.

Typically only 6 or 8 homes share each stair and communal garden making it easier for people to know their neighbours. The objective of the development process used on this scheme was to adopt a genuine partnering approach, to challenge perceptions and limitations of experience of all parties and to meaningfully involve the residents and community in the redesign of their homes.

Decanting the residents into alternative accommodation meant the project went on hold several times and resulted in the dwelling mix evolving. Our flexible design allowed for these changes without the need for a major redesign.

Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4.



£8.75 m