St Thomas’ Competition

The refurbishment of the St Thomas’s Hospital East Wing offers an excellent opportunity for energy reduction through building design. Its recladding is the first phase of the refurbishment and the first step of an over arching carbon reduction strategy for the whole building including its future internal refit.

Our competition design for recladding the East Wing remodels the façades for a 21st century healthcare environment to create strong visual presence with a high performance, energy conserving skin, buildable with minimal disruption. The facades respond to the different contexts and solar orientation on different sides: an urban marker to the north and south, a face to the river alluding to water, a face to the gardens alluding to plants.

In addition to creating a watertight and energy efficient envelope, these proposals add around 1400m² over 11 existing floors, and enhance its relationship to its urban context and near townscape.

The recladding will also improve circulation, separating public and private access, and improve the therapeutic environment with better views, more comfortable internal conditions and better connectivity with the external environment.



£30.7 m