Green Wrythe Lane Health Centre

This new health centre replaces a modest post-war clinic and offers a range of primary health and social care services. Some social housing will be added to the site in the second phase of the project.

The plan and scale of the health centre give it a strong civic presence, with the traditional brick of the street facade and the clay roof tiles respecting the local 1930s vernacular. The building wraps around its corner site, creating a tranquil inner courtyard. The inner facade is clad in timber, contributing to the softer, more intimate feel of this landscaped space.

The courtyard is a constant visual reference point, especially from the three-storey entrance hall, which is the physical and operational heart of the building. Around it, the accommodation is arranged in distinctly zoned service areas. While some of the facilities are shared, it is never necessary to walk through one department to get to another. The large, openable windows maximise daylighting and, with their innovative acoustic attenuators, allow the building to be naturally ventilated despite the high level of external traffic noise.



£4.2 m