Frederick Bremer School

The Frederick Bremer School in Waltham Forest, a robust 900 place inner-city school with a specialism in engineering, creates new accommodation for pupils and teachers in previously housed in two dilapidated schools in the Borough.

A strong organisational diagram provides two wings of three storey teaching accommodation linked by an internal street. A centrally located learning resource centre places learning at the heart of the scheme. Each department is located on a floor of a wing forming a cluster of teaching rooms, IT base, year group leader and department staff base and WCs.

The potential to respond to changing pedagogy is an important factor in the agility of the design with floors which can potentially become open area learning zones and individual teaching rooms able to accommodate a variety of layouts.

High levels of transparency create a strong, aspirational identity for the school which communicates itself internally to students and staff as well as externally to the outside word. High visibility in areas such as staircases also creates a level of passive supervisions and reduced opportunities for bullying.

The design supports BSF programme aims to help boost pupils’ attainment and teaching standards through first-class, modern and inspirational buildings. The school has a raked lecture theatre, well equipped music and drama departments and a very strong focus on integrated ICT.

Sustainable design measures include ventilation chimneys and a biomass boiler.



£22 m