Dulwich Community Hospital Masterplan

We undertook a Report and Development Options Study for the Dulwich Community Hospital Project Board. The acute clinical services at the existing Dulwich Hospital, built in 1886, needed to be consolidated to King’s College Hospital. This created an opportunity to create an innovatory Community Hospital under the direction of the Southwark Primary Care Trust. Could the existing buildings meet this new challenge? How much of the site would be required?

We undertook a departmental use survey, gathered available building data and mapped the transfer of services. We consulted with planners and highways authorities and developed a series of options for the Board and Community to consider. In parallel we undertook capacity studies and cost estimates (with Cyril Sweett Ltd) to determine the best outcomes that met a series of design quality indicators specifically developed for the site. Preservation of key features of the building were integrated with a wholly new design.

A major feature of the appraisal was for the architects to present the study at critical stages to the public under the guidance of the Community Involvement Planning Group, beginning with an Ideas Fair and ending in a large public meeting. Staged development options were prepared and costed and the best taken forward as support for the NHS Strategic Outline Case submitted early 2002. The project was included in Southwarks’ first LIFT Co. Programme 2003.


£30 m