Colliers Gardens Extra Care

With its friendly village layout, Colliers Gardens sets a new standard for affordable extra care sheltered housing. The development of 50 one and two bedroom flats is supported by a range of shared facilities including a lounge, dining room and hairdressing salon.

The entrance building is the size of a large family house, creating an immediate sense of welcome and domesticity. The communal areas are accessed directly from the main entrance, allowing them to be used by local older people, who are an important part of the lively Colliers Gardens community.

Beyond the shared spaces, the flats are arranged as five two-storey wings linked by a central covered street that includes a number of comfortable seating areas with attractive garden views. A sequence of external courtyards and gardens opens off the street. This intimately scaled plan creates plenty of opportunities for residents to meet informally, both indoors and out.

The flats are constructed in a traditional stock brick, which contrasts with the crisp white render and exposed laminated timber frame of the communal buildings.



£5.3 m