Projects Schools Bobby Moore Secondary Academy View from bridge Penoyre and Prasad
Projects Schools Bobby Moore Secondary Academy Student Entrance Penoyre and Prasad
Projects Schools Bobby Moore Secondary Academy Greenway Penoyre and Prasad

Bobby Moore Secondary Academy

The David Ross Education Trust’s new Bobby Moore Academy comprises a primary school and secondary school split over two sites. Located in the heart of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, it is built to serve the growing local community. The 6FE secondary school for 1,140 pupils is located on a very tight site next to the Olympic Stadium. The six-storey building sits on the northern boundary of its site fronting a newly created public plaza and creating a civic presence to the Park.

The design maximises the amount of external play space at ground and upper levels. The two main spaces of the school – sports hall and assembly hall, are raised in order to free up the ground floor and allow views across and through the building. The building is organised by faculty, with teaching spaces ranged either side of a wide central spine which contains cut-outs and voids to create vertical connections through the school.

The school has been designed to maximise opportunities for community use. Sports, social and educational facilities are all easily accessible without compromising the rest of the school.

The building will be clad with brick tiles with a two-tone palette. An insitu frame and flat slab, containing 25% recycled content, will provide thermal mass, facilitate night time cooling and allow for future flexibility. Teaching spaces are naturally ventilated using hybrid thermal mixing units while large windows, voids and the central atrium maximise daylight while providing views across the city and Olympic Park.



£27 m