Ashburton Learning Village

More than just a school, Ashburton Learning Village offers integrated learning, leisure and support facilities for Ashburton Community School, Ashburton Library, Croydon Music Service and the borough’s Continuing Education and Training Service.

The innovative design provides a stimulating environment for both young people and adults, with the aim of raising standards and increasing community participation in lifelong learning.

The Village is Croydon’s first education development procured through the private finance initiative. Forming the backdrop to a new public plaza on Shirley Road, it has a strong civic presence and affirms the council’s commitment to quality design. Separate entrances allow public access to the library and sports facilities during school hours and out of hours, the whole site can be opened to the community.

The building is highly sustainable, using passive environmental control and rainwater harvesting. Photovoltaic cells in the clerestory glazing cast dappled shadows along the three-storey central concourse that runs through the heart of the school.



£18 m