Ajman Academy

Ajman Academy is a new International Baccalaureate-curriculum school for 1,080 children aged 3 – 18.

The four parts of the school – nursery, primary, middle, and diploma years, are organised into a campus around a series of courtyards and outdoor play areas, linked by covered walkways. The arrangement allows the campus to be built in three phases. At the heart of the complex are the publicly accessible facilities – dining hall, auditorium and sports facilities. These are reached via a double height entrance, which takes visitors into the heart of the school. Teaching spaces are arranged in year group clusters, sharing internal breakout space and inside play areas, with each year accessing their own external play space.

Traditional Islamic architectural motifs are used in a contemporary way to create an environmentally responsive design. Screens, roof overhangs, canopies and trees are deployed to provide solar shading while allowing daylight to penetrate the building.

Courtyards, shaded paths and screens link the various parts of the school while simultaneously providing the necessary cultural privacy between girls and boys.



£9 m