Age Well PFI

The six distinct design drivers used to inform these proposals for Elderly Care Homes in Sussex – familiarity, legibility, distinctiveness, accessibility, comfort and safety – were developed working in close collaboration with the WISE Research Unit (Wellbeing in Sustainable Environments) at Oxford Brookes University.

Our designs aim to promote dignity and quality of life through the creation of homely, modern, flexible and non-institutional environments, characterised by a real sense of place in the community. The focus of our designs has been to create environments that are both dementia friendly and socially inclusive.

The overall objective of the design proposals are to create ‘communities within communities’ that contribute to achieving all aspects of sustainability; environmental, social and economic. In parallel to the overarching key design principles, the designs for each site have evolved to consider site specific issues, capital and longer term running costs as well as the settings which maximise the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of all users of the facilities.



£12 m