Penoyre & Prasad architects has an open, friendly and collaborative office culture. Our staff are our greatest asset and we do our best to make sure that they feel valued and have the opportunity to contribute fully to the ongoing development of the practice, as well as develop their own careers.

Training is a fundamental part of our culture. Annually the practice allows a generous training budget and this year staff courses included CAD, managing projects, and leadership training. A weekly CPD programme is arranged for 10 months of the year, with a varied range of subjects which this year has included free hand drawing, photography, planning, acoustics, and laser aided modeling. The practice offers an annual architectural study tour to all staff. Previous years have included visits to LisbonGlasgow, Rome, Barcelona and Copenhagen.

Other benefits include a travel loan scheme, a ride to work scheme and practice sponsored tennis and softball. We are always interested to hear from passionate, talented, committed individuals who would like to make a contribution to the work we do.

Penoyre & Prasad LLP is an equal opportunity employer.

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