Retrofit for Living

case study

61 Warwall Road is one of 87 Retrofit for the Future projects, targeted at low-rise houses from the UK’s social housing stock and seeking innovative whole-house solutions to achieve an 80% reduction in CO2 emmisions.

Transformational changes have been made to this 1990s Dockland house to bring about highly efficient energy use and an improved quality of living for the residents, whilst minimising visual impact on the neighbourhood.

The completed project is currently undergoing a 2-year period of energy and environmental monitoring. The predicted CO2 emissions after retrofit are 16kg/m²/yr – a reduction of 79% from the 1990 baseline for average UK social housing.

Without extending the house, the internal environment has been transformed by the creation of a ventilating lightwell within the existing loft space to provide fresh air, daylight, amenity space and a clothes drying area. Accessible temperate storage is provided in the residual loft.

Innovations include:

  • Triple-glazed windows with ventilating panels and louvers for secure day and night ventilation;
  • A new product developed by Penoyre & Prasad and the window manufacturer;
  • A ‘breathing’ roof to dissipate moisture, using natural insulation products (wood fibre slab and hemp quilt) with an intelligent vapour control membrane;
  • Vacuum insulation panels in the floor for high thermal performance with minimal (25mm) rise in floor level.

In 2011 the project won a Three Rs, Housing ‘Small’ Award.


Case Study (pdf)